Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and His Wife Share their Heart as their, son Avner Enlist in Israel Defense Force

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LISTEN NOW! As men and women go through their own sacrifices about making the choice to lay down their lives to defend their nation, the parents of each are no different. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife have walked through this same experience as they have just sent their son Avner to begin his time in defense of Israel with the Israeli Defense Forces. “We are full of pride and also natural concern, like every home in Israel. We are no different. I told Avner to protect the country and also to protect himself. I wish success to all the soldiers enlisting today, and for all the parents who are moved like us to calm down, it will be okay.” As we pray for our soldiers fighting for our freedom, remember to pray for their parents, for all of their families, and all of Israel. Find out more of what the Prime Minister said, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, sacrifice, and love. John, Pat and Steve shared in this segment.


Netanyahu’s Son Avner Joins the IDF
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