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LISTEN NOW! Hurricane Katrina brought waves of massive size that affected every single person it reached. Regardless of who or what you were, everyone was affected. Before a wave even comes, those who are looking for it such as surfers are watching attentively for the signs of the coming rising of swells. They begin to position their boards and thrust their arms and legs into the water to paddle themselves in the direction that will place them at the opportune spot of the wave. To a casual viewer, this doesn’t make much sense. But, to the surfer it does. There is coming a wave of God’s glory that is going to, like a wave washes and cleans the ocean, will wash and clean the hearts of mankind. Be deeply encouraged, allow Your faith to be stirred, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: paddles, surfing, dreams, visions, waves, tsunamis, Waveland, MS, Hurricane Katrina, and The Glory of God. Greg, Pat and Steve shared in this segment.


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