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It’s just time to Make Your BED; Repentance, a Simple Look

A mother repeatedly tells a 10 year old boy to make his bed and the boy repeatedly does not obey his mother.  One day she gives the boy consequences for not obeying her when she asked him to make his bed.  The young boy begins to say how sorry he was, begs for leniency, and even says it won’t happen again, but the mother knows that this recent sorrow was because of the consequences and not because the child was truly sorry for not making his bed.  The boy makes the bed for a day and then goes back to not making it.  Greg, John, and Pat share that this is how many in the church view repentance.  If we love God we will honor him and do what he wants us to do and not do what he doesn’t want us to do.  When we disobey him it shouldn’t be a common occurrence but occurrences that are rare.  It doesn’t matter how much you cry, complain and the state of your brokenness if when it’s all said and done you haven’t repented.  Just like the boy in the example, repentance was him doing what he was asked to do from his heart. So it is with us.  If you are a believer it all starts with you.  It’s time to honor God and repent from sin by honoring God with our obedience and not just with words.

Make Today Count

John shares that if you want to have a good day you need to make it a good day.  Each day should be seized and embraced.  Some people just drift through the day but we need to live for the moment right now.  John encourages us to live each day on purpose for God.  All we have is today tomorrow is written on a fools calendar.  Make today count for God.

We NEED GOD- Not Government

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance and the necessity like no other time to depend on God and not government for our needs.   They continue to discuss how a prophecy is prophecy until it becomes reality.  We have arrived in a place and time in America where the notion of leaning on government is becoming more and more acceptable and common place.  For instance, the new health care mandate is making it so that children can stay on the parents insurance until the age of 26.  Adult children depending on their parents, should this be so?  Allegedly they also have passed a law that would allow orphans to remain in the home of adoptive parents until they turn 22.  They further discuss how this administration has at one time spoken of the idea of 100 % tax.  The true end result is slavery-total dependency on government rather than on God.  They continued to share how on Patriot’s Day April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon America was attacked by Islamist terrorist.  They further discuss how just one year later on the same date in 2014 it is predicted that the earth will experience the first of the four blood moons.  We must remember that anything can happen and our hope and dependency does not need to be on government but rather on God alone.  We need to lean on God.

Careful the next Review can be about You

We live in a society today that has gotten very comfortable writing reviews as customers of products, services and businesses.  This has progressed to students who rate and review their college professors.  It’s an amazing thing when a Christian rants and evaluates publicly on online posts like Facebook and other companies feedback page.  The question is; are these who are judging ready to be judge or reviewed publicly by their spouse, child or parent.  We should take Jesus’ truth to heart found in Matthew 7:1-5., “Do not judge or you too will be judged.”


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