WATCH! Why must Japan be Reached for Jesus?

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LISTEN NOW! In the nation of America, there are so many blessings, technological advancements, and products that are the work of people from other nations. Do we consider the souls of those who have labored for us to enjoy what has been produced? What about Japan? God loves the Japanese people? Reportedly, there is only one missionary to every 57,000 people in the nation of Japan, causing it to be one of the largest unreached people groups. How many people have an iPhone? How many people think about the ones that put together the technology that made that possible? Our lives are supposed to reach the nations. What if you were called to reach the people of Japan for the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Hear about these impactful truths, the love of the Japanese people, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: evangelism, Fiji, Canon, McDonalds, iPhones, fatherlessness, hope, missionaries, Moravians, slavery, James Foley, Homeland Security, prayer, Youth with a Mission, and love. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

Why Japan?

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