When you Look at People do you See a “Source” or a Soul? Our Great Need for Love

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LISTEN NOW!Many are the responsibilities and entrustments that fill our daily lives. The most important thing about each of us is what we think about God. Who do we say that He is? Of all the situations and things that demand our thoughts, how often do we focus on our thoughts? What is on our minds? When we look at people, how do we perceive them: as sources, or a soul? By looking at people as a source, it can cause a myriad of emotions; from resentment for not getting what we wanted out of the relationship or fulfillment for receiving what we believed we needed. When we look at people as souls it is a vastly different perspective. We come to grip of the reality of their eternal destination, whether they like us or not. People cannot be our sources. Only God is our source. Be encouraged as you hear the journey of how God leads us on this journey, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: financial crisis, carpenter, Lordship, humility, shipwrecks, drought, wilderness, relationship, justice, gratitude, Youth With a Mission, and love. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


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