WATCH! Congressional Prayer Caucus- Restoring our Nation’s Motto; In God We Trust

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LISTEN NOW! In this encouraging segment, John, Pat and Steve share about what is happening in America’s Capitol, within the halls of Congress. The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation is pushing for the replacement of “In God We Trust” to be placed back as the National Motto of America. Made of 100 members of Congress, those who are a part are taking time to seek the face of God, “leaving political labels at the door”, and seeking the wisdom of God for every bill and meeting. It is important to remember, that the rights of Americans do not come from the generosity of the state, but by the hand of God. 

“The true source of power is not found the halls of Congress, or the chambers of the Supreme Court, or the West Wing of the White House, but it’s found in the power of prayer.”     -North Carolina Congressman Mike McIntyre

Amidst the tragedies happening in America, be encouraged as you hear about the remnant of those who not only acknowledge God, but those governmental leaders who are seeking His face, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Congressional Pray Caucus Foundation, Room 219, remnant, the Constitution, and prayer.

Congressional Call to Prayer

In God We Trust

Christian in Theory or Christian in Reality; The Danger of one and the extreme Joy and Blessing of the other
VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program January 2, 2015

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