All Eyes on Israel: Israeli Elections, Iran, and Unstoppable UN Voting Block formed against Israel

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LISTEN NOW! As the eyes of the nations are watching the unfolding events taking place in the Middle East. It is imperative for the eyes of the church to be focused upon Israel. Israel is a time clock. However goes Israel, so goes the church. In America, people would be concerned if termites were coming through the walls and through the floor boards. In Israel, there are jihadists coming over the borders, digging tunnels underneath them, and coming out of the sea. There are critical decisions that are now upon the shoulders of the people of Israel. Find out the details of these perilous ticks on the clock of time that the church is called to be a part of, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Gaza, radical Islam, jihad, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Christians United for Israel, Cindy Gross, and voting. Greg and John shared in this segment.  WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


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