Dutch Sheets Prophetic Warning- Wisdom and Revelation

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LISTEN NOW! In a recent prophetic dream, Dutch Sheets shares about a dream that is for the Body of Christ. There is wisdom and there is revelation. These two must come together. “God was calling the Body of Christ into a time of tremendous stretching and paradigm shifting to prepare the way for those who would pioneer new methods and activitiesWisdom serves as our foundation.  Revelation must be interpreted in the larger context of wisdom.” It is vital for us to know the voice of the Lord and His direction for each of us. Find out the significance of this word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Dutch Sheets, dream, floor, walls, and hearts. Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment. WATCH FULL EPISODE NOW!


We Don’t Shrink Back, Spirit of Wisdom & Revelations

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VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program February 2, 2015

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