Enjoying the Peace, Favor and Blessing of the Lord during Difficult Times

LISTEN NOW! It is no surprise that the realities happening across the face of the Earth is causing much stress and anxiety in many lives. What we place our focus upon and what our trust is in makes all the difference. For those who trust in the Lord, anxiety and worry would not be accurate imageries. The simple difference of seeking God’s face and spending time with Him in His Word will bring about dramatic changes. How can I abide with the Lord amidst such difficult days? What does that mean? There is a simple plan that anyone can walk out. Just as it would be odd to see a child concerned and worried playing with their toys, if we are God’s and walking with Him, it would be odd for us to be the same way.

Though the ones who are captivated by the ways of the world and the desires of their flesh may prosper for a season, hold on. Regardless of what is happening through the hands of evil, no matter how you may witness the success of evil men, although others may seek to use you for their own promotion or success, know that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob ultimately is in control. His plans are good for those who are His. Find your place of peace, establish the resting place in the Lord in these dark days knowing that the Light of God is greater, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: anger, fretting, worry, stress, anxiety, depression, medication, 401(k), G.I. Joes, persecution, abiding, hope, and joy. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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