Jordanian Airforce Strikes Back at ISIS Killing 55 ISIS Members; for the burning alive of Jordanian Pilot: What are the implications …World War, Land Grab and more

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LISTEN NOW! On the heels of the horrifying events of a Jordanian Pilot being burned alive at the hands of ISIS, Jordan has made swift reactions. According to Fox News, Jordan has responded resulting in 55 deaths. It appears that the world is in chaos right now. Is there a reason why the world appears to be stuck right now? Where are the leaders? For those who were born after World War I, the borders of the Middle East in present day were not always as they are now today. After World War I, an agreement with France and the United Kingdom, otherwise known as the Sykes- Picot Agreement, divided up all the land into what is known as the Middle East borders seen today. The nations surrounding Israel have consistently demonstrated hostility towards the peace of Israel. How does this affect Israel? How does this affect the United States? Is there a role in all of this for the church? Everything matters. Hear the significance of these happenings, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: ISIS, ISIL, the Levant, Sykes-Picot Agreement, World War I, Jordan, burned alive, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, United Nations, oppression, sex slavery, radical Islam. Greg and John shared in this segment.            WATCH FULL PROGRAM!

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