The Day and Time we find ourselves in Demand Courageous Men and Women to Stand Up For God, Country and Israel

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LISTEN NOW! When we say yes to Jesus Christ and the Lordship over our lives, God gives us a new heart. But, it’s up to us to grow our own back bones. God does not do this for us. This only happens by stepping out in boldness and trusting on His words and His voice. The beauty of America is its heritage of Juedo-Christian values. The Constitution gives us the freedom to speak up and about that which we believe in. When comments about “Article 3 or Article 4…” are discussed in the news, this is what is being referred to: The Constitution. As the church, we can stand up and be bold for the Kingdom of God. We must be bold for the Kingdom of God, not the kingdoms of this world. Allow boldness and confidence to stand up for what is right and true to come over you, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: King Ferdinand, Veteran Affairs, Revolutionary War, heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Constitution, government, Governor Rick Scott, Governor Bobby Jindal, revival, and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


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