The Four Blood Moons: Third of the Fourth Blood Moon is upon us. What does it mean for Israel and the Nations that come against her?


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LISTEN NOW! In this present moment, we are in the middle of 4 Blood Moons, with the 3rdcoming April 4th. To come before this 3rd blood moon is a solar eclipse that will take place March 20th, 2015. These are fragile days and we must understand what is taking place to know how to respond. This is not the first time 4 Blood Moons shouted from the skies. In the past 500 years it has happened 3 times: in 1492, in 1948 and again in 1967. What some may not realize is the common denominator that is threaded throughout each of these monumental events. It even connects to what the world is presently witnessing today: Israel.

In 1492, a Jewish explorer was given the funding to find a new land because of the oppression the Jewish people were experiencing at the time. The explorer was Christopher Columbus and the land that he found was America. The Jews were being oppressed, but they found a home. In 1948, Israel’s Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, made a declaration making known the State of Israel and its birth. Eleven minutes later as these words echoed throughout Israel, President of the United States Harry Truman contacted Israel expressing that the full backing of America supports Israel. Again, 4 blood moons were stretched across the skies during this powerful moment. In 1967, Israel fought the Yom Kippur war. A war that provided victory after victory for Israel, revealed to the surrounding nations and the world that God was defending Israel.

This brings credible insight as to the significance of when President Obama stated that Israel needed to go back to the 1967 lines. These were indefensible borders. When Secretary of State, John Kerry warns Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of a third Intifada, this is not good. We cannot threaten or poke Israel, the apple of God’s eye, and expect their not to be repercussions. At the beginning of our current presidency at the Democratic National Convention, the platform was originally established to not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. God is speaking to us. God is warning us. What will we do with this warning? What will we do with Israel? How will we respond? Hear the intricate details of how Israel is woven into these events, into what is taking place, how we must respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: John Paul Jackson, John Hagee, Swastikas, racism, anti-Semitism, CBN, France, Iran, nuclear enrichment, Secretary of State John Kerry, ISIS, ABC News, Rudy Giuliani, Kamal Saleem, NASA, Intifada, and dreams. Greg and John shared in this segment. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


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