The State of the Family in America and how to Get Back to God’s Original Intent

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LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss the state of the family and how to get back to God’s original intent.  The American Bible Society compiled the results of surveys and stats to find out the top problems families are facing today.  According to the survey…
One divorce occurs every 36 seconds in America. ( U.S. Census Department, 2011)
22 % of children live in homes below the poverty level. ( National Center for Children in Poverty)
Depression affects 10% of the adult population. (CDC)
For every 2.4 marriages in 2011, there was one divorce. ( U.S. Census Department)
Just 50% of American adults think the Bible contains everything you need to know to live a meaningful life. ( State of the Bible 2014)
It is interesting to note that the same percentage of marriages that are ending in divorce, 50%, is the same percentage of Americans who don’t think the Bible contains everything you need to know to live a meaningful life.  It’s easy to see how problems come into our lives when the Word of God is meaningless. The problem is not with God it is with us.  Like everything we purchase comes with an instruction manual so that we can be aware of two important things.  One thing is what we need to avoid so we don’t mishandle the purchased item and the other is how to maximize and use the purchased item in the manner it was designed to be used.  We have placed our hands all over our families without giving any regard to the word of God that tells us plainly how we are to live in the roles God has called us to.  Rest assured when we ignore God’s truth it is only a matter of time before everything falls apart resulting in great pain.  They continue to discuss a new movie from Focus on the Family called “Irreplaceable” is an upcoming feature length documentary. According to their website it is the first in a series from Focus on the Family that explores critical questions about the family in today’s culture.  When we individually put God first the family will remain strong.
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