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Is ISIS being used to organize against God; the Beheading of 21 Christians?

    The evil in the world is being cranked up as beheadings continue. Sheer moments ago, 21 Christians were beheaded. When we look at the acts of terrorism, we are seeing words being changed in regards to these events. When Radical Islam filled the streets of France with gunfire that began directed towards journalists and resulted in a Kosher grocery store; the Jews. One would gather these acts to be described as terrorism, or Radical Islam. According to President Obama, it was random violence. According to the BBC, Egypt has responded to ISIS with strong military actions by bombing Islamic State targets in Libya.

At a recent National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., President Obama commented about the Crusades and what was done in the name of Jesus Christ during past history. Twenty-one Christians just lost their heads, who potentially were the result of words that were used from a prayer breakfast. It is important for us to realize that the history of America is being used against America. People have done evil things for years in the name of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t right then, it is not right now.

As the church, it is vital for us to not become consumed by the evil that is increasing in the world, but to be consumed by the Cross of Christ. Jesus came as the New Covenant. He is the fulfillment of the entire Old Covenant. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ and the blood of Christ. Allow your faith to be increased as you’re the Biblical perspective behind such evil travesties taking place across the world, how each of these events connect, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: ISIS, Libya, Jordan, 21 Christians, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, Prayer Breakfast, Crusades, CBN, weapons, Marshall Ganz, Saul Alinksy, repentance, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Bold and Historic Stand for Israel, PM is coming to Washington D.C.
    There are plenty of voices that are being heard standing up for injustices that are taking place towards those who are Muslims. Who is standing up for the Jews? Who is standing up for the Christians? A short clip reveals the realities of what life is like for Jews to simply walk down the street in Paris: curse words, mocking, and spitting? Muslims are experiencing persecution in America. What about the Jews; the Christians? It is so unbalanced. The narrative that we are witnessing is trying to bring legitimacy to a religion that denies Jesus Christ into America that is a Judeo-Christian nation. To add to these complex realities, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is visiting Washington D.C. March 3rd. With such an important visitor to the United States, our closest ally, there are talks amidst our leadership to not even attend PM Netanyahu’s speech. How can such a small country in the world with such a small portion of real estate cause such a division in the world? Because it’s God’s land and God’s people. It is good for America and the leadership of America to stand with Israel. For those who organize against God or against Israel, it does not end well. Hear the implications of what can surmount to how we respond to Israel, the Prime Minister’s visit, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Paris, JJ, walking the streets, Valerie Jarrett, persecution, congress, John Kerry, President Obama, George Washington, Wallbuilders, 3rd Intifada, narratives, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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