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Did National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, Really say that P.M. Netanyahu speaking to Congress is “Destructive of the Fabric” of U.S. and Israel’s Relationship?

Since the birth of the State of Israel in 1948, America has always been the strongest ally of Israel. Presently, a vastly different approach to how America responds to Israel is being played out. According to Susan Rice and recent Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the usurping of the American Embassy in Libya and the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens was not because of terrorism, but because of a video that was made. In an interview with Charlie Rose, regarding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to speak at the U.S. Congress, Susan Rice stated, “it’s destructive of the fabric of the relationship”. No, that is not correct. There was a day when the leadership of America was as bold to protect their nation as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is as bold to protect the peace and safety of Israel. By not understanding our history, we will disconnect from the importance and imperativeness of our allegiance with Israel. Hear the full story, why we must stand with Israel, and so much more.

 We Didn’t Just Get Here.  Is America’s Colonization of the Philippines Responsible for the Abject Poverty and the Sexual Victimization of Filipino Children in the Philippines?

    While on a global trip to view the 100 wonders of the world, one man shares his stories as to what he encountered when he visited the nation of the Philippines. While walking through the streets and markets, he came across a little lonesome girl walking with a jug of filthy water. After asking the locals around her where her parents were, he learned that her mother was killed while in prostitution, the father was nowhere to be found, ultimately leaving this small child to fend for herself. From a distant nation, one may react with shock and surprise wondering how such poverty could exist amidst all that is available in today’s world. When we take a deeper look, a revealing story of our history comes into light.

One of America’s previous President’s, Teddy Roosevelt, was in leadership when America played a major role in the cause and effects of the Philippines future. During the late 1800’s Spain ruled over the Philippines and fighting broke out in the Philippines against American forces. America viewed this as rebellion. Within the Spanish- American War, during the Battle of Manila Bay, America surmised to colonize the Philippines for fear that if America didn’t, Germany or Spain would. Should America have messed with their government?  The mindset of one bullying their way into another in order for decisions to be made, may be a mindset of the world, but it is not to be a mindset of the Church. But, how do we respond to this little girl with the filthy jug of war today matters. It matters to this little girl and it matters to God. In Matthew 25:45, Jesus said “whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” As the church, we can respond today, not as the nations of the world would do, but as we are called to do for the Kingdom of God. Allow your faith to be stirred as you see how you can empowered, not only where you are, but in the entire world, and so much more.

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Prophetic Warning: Has it begun? Civil Unrest, Terrorist Attacks, and an American Uprising? It’s time to prepare and turn our hearts to God.

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