WATCH! The Four Blood Moons and What’s Next for Israel in 2015?

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LISTEN NOW! As conversations about the happenings within America and events worldwide continue, it is vital to keep our attention focused upon Israel as well. Israel continues to be in headlines and another Blood Moon is approaching. CBN is reporting that Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is bringing charges of war crimes against Israel through the arm of the United Nations. The significance of this is that these actions that Israel is being accused of was in defense of herself from attacks from Gaza. What is additionally important to note is a recent failed attempt to move Israel back to its pre-1967 border lines. This outcome was only decided by the difference of one vote within the United Nations. As topics are continually being discussed regarding the state of Israel, why do leaders want subjects regarding Israel to be decided at the United Nations? Are there particular reasons? What are the 1967 borders? Does the United Nations have a history regarding decisions involving Israel? The answer to these pivotal questions will bring substantial understanding to what is currently taking place. Hear the answers to these important questions and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, 1967, indefensible borders, United Nations, Mahmoud Abbas, Operation Protective Edge, war crimes, accusation, Australia, New Zealand, State of Israel, 4 Blood Moons, Saul Alinsky, and repentance. Greg and John shared in this segment.              WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


The Four Blood Moons- Movie Trailer

What’s at Stake for Israel’s Future This Year?

President Obama Sharing Israel’s Borders Should be Based on 1967 Lines

Israel’s Critical Security of Borders

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What’s at Stake for Israel’s Future this Year?

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