WATCH! What You Really Look like Under Ultraviolet Light & What God sees When He looks At You Covered by the Blood of his Son

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and John share a video about the staggering effects of the Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and its effects on our skin. Many don’t know the impacts and how their skin is affected. When looking through an ultraviolet camera, your skin will look completely different. Healthy skin is easy to notice. Extended exposure to the Sun damages our skin, until we apply sunscreen. When looking through the same ultraviolet lens, the damage can no longer be seen, only the sunscreen.

All men have fallen short. All need a Savior. We are all damaged by this life, born in the sinful nature of this world. Looking at one another, we see the perfections on the surface, unaware of the damage of effects that are beneath the surface. When God looks at us through the lens of His eyes, He sees the damaging impacts of sin in our lives. When we say yes to His Son Jesus Christ, God no longer sees the damage of sin, but only the pure holy blood of Jesus Christ. Be encouraged with this powerful video, allow God to reveal to you the power of the blood of His Son Jesus Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Ultra Violet rays, sunscreen, salvation, repentance


How the Sun Sees You

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