Christian Iraqi Girl Displays the Love of God by Forgiving ISIS in the Face of Brutality and Evil

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LISTEN NOW! The name ISIS, the horrible images of what individuals have faced and experienced in the face of evil through ISIS, and the increasing stories of brutalized people and communities are continuing to increase. But, from the mouth of a young 10 year old Iraqi Christian, she shares her own heart and experiences as to how we need to all respond to the evil being carried out. Separated from her parents, her friends, and her own home, this young girl chooses to display the love of Christ towards those who treated her like this. Be challenged in your response to the evil that is taking place as you witness how one girl chose to respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: SAT-TV, ISIS, evil, satan, forgiveness, love, and humility. Greg and John shared in this

Are Consequences Coming to America and the World for the Shedding of Innocent Blood?
WATCH! VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program First Hour March 10, 2015

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