Evil Killers and Heroic Survivors of Auschwitz: Jewish Concentration Camp –We Must Stand With Persecuted Jews and Christians if we want Someone to Stand with Us One Day

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LISTEN NOW! The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has stood repeatedly before international audiences, discussing the need to be a bold voice of truth in the face of evil. “Never again!” is a phrase commonly heard from the Prime Minister. As we look at the lengthy history of Israel, hatred against the Jewish people and the evil mindset to destroy them is nothing new. This is especially true of the atrocities and the realities of the 6 million Jews that were murdered during the Holocaust. These acts of evil and terror were carried out in Jewish Concentration Camps. One of these particular camps is, “Auschwitz”.

When we look at the evil regime of the Nazi party and the millions of deaths that took place during their reign, one can think it was only at the hands of Adolf Hitler. This is not entirely true. There were others, who supported Hitler, who also carried out the same anti-Semitic acts of violence towards the Jews. One of these individuals was Josef Mengele. Mengele was a chief doctor at Auschwitz. Mengele was remembered by Holocaust survivors as the one who stood as Jews entered Auschwitz, deciding if they were to be sent to the gas chamber, sent to hard labor, or be set aside for his scientific research. In the case of Mengele, use the term “dr.” loosely, as the actions he conducted were nothing short of torture, maiming, and evil.

Considering the evil events that were carried out in these hours of history, there are messages of hope that cry aloud to remember these actions in hopes of never repeating them again. While speaking at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Holocaust survivor Elise Wisel said this: “It was man’s inhumanity to man, NO it was man’s inhumanity to Jews. The Jews were not killed because they were human beings. In the eyes of their killers they were not human beings, they were Jews. It was because they were Jews that it was so easy for the killers to kill.”

It is important for us to know our history. If we do not, we are bound to repeat it.

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What is the Holocaust?

What is the Holocaust?

dr. Josef Mengele the angel of death

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