Pray for Israeli Election for Prime Minister: it’s Outcome can Potentially Affect the World

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LISTEN NOW! As we rewind the tape of history of the United States, we see the different Presidents that have come and gone since the time that George Washington was the first of many. We understand the importance of elections as the leadership of Presidential styles can vary so differently as elections come and go. When we look at the nation of Israel, there have been many Prime Ministers since the first was Davin Ben-Gurion. For the State of Israel, tomorrow is a demarcation line as elections are being held for the next Prime Minister of Israel. Of all the Prime Ministers, Benjamin Netanyahu is the 2nd longest serving Prime Minister since the first in office, David Ben-Gurion. As VFNtv has reported in detail about the Netanyahu’s resolve, leadership, and boldness through events such as Operation Protective Edge and his speech to the United States Congress, he has demonstrated himself and a protector of both Israel’s security and protection. If tomorrow’s election does result in favor for Prime Minister Netanyahu, the protection and security of Israel may be drastically hindered.

According to CBN, “some of Netanyahu’s opponents call him a bigger danger to the world than Iran.” There are individuals taking part in the elections, not from the State of Israel that are seeking to sway these elections. Reportedly, the Jewish people don’t make voting decisions until the last 48 hours. We are in those last 48 hours. As the church, it is vitally critical that we pray for the peace of Israel; that we pray for the elections of Israel; and we pray for the salvation of Israel. Hear the full story of how these elections not only affect Israel, but also America, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Congress, family dinners, Sunnis, Sheits, Israel, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.


Israeli Voters Divided, Christians Urged to Pray

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