The Drop Box Movie: One Man’s Burden for Unwanted and Abandoned Children


screen capture from on the Family
LISTEN NOW! In a world of 7 billion people, there are unlimited amounts of injustices occurring, needs that are not met, etc. Where does one person even begin to start? How would we? A South Korean man, Pastor Lee was heartbroken as he witnessed countless babies who were unwanted being abandoned on the streets of Seoul. How he responded is not only changing the lives of the babies that he responds to, but it is also touching the lives of those who are hearing about his story. He established “The Drop Box”, a place where someone can leave their unwanted baby. Pastor Lee’s story is not just a reality in Seoul, South Korea, it has been made into a movie. Watch the full trailer, be encouraged to respond with compassion to what is around you in your very own life, and so much more.


The Drop Box: Trailer
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