God Belongs in my City: What does this look like if we respond? The possibilities are endless.

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LISTEN NOW! Often times, we can become so overwhelmed with all of the events that are taking place in our generation and in the world. What can one person possibly do in response? Some can say to themselves, “I’m only one person. What can I do?” What does it look like to see just a few people stand up and respond in response to a situation, in their own city? When a few individuals came across a New York City billboard that stated, “A million New Yorkers are good without God….”, their response has not only mobilized hundreds of others to respond in the cause of Christ; but a movement is now spreading across the cities of America and the world. When we see the things that are currently happening in our world, we have the empowerment to ask God what His heart is for the situation and to respond. Here more of the encouraging and exciting stories that others share of their own journey walking throughout their own cities, and so much more.
Also shared in this segment: subways, New York City, prayer walks, love, hope, truth, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, evangelism, boldness, and the Holy Spirit. John and Steve shared in this segment.



God Belongs in My City

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