Jews Attacked in Brooklynn NY with Air Soft Pistols: Anti Semitism is Racism

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LISTEN NOW! We have said continually that we have to stand up for the Jews and for Israel. This includes the Jews within the very neighborhoods of America. What is being investigated as a hate crime resulted in a Jewish grandfather and his two grandsons being the targets of a paintball gun on the streets of Brooklyn. This was one of three crimes that a New York task force is looking into to verify if they are linked together. When we see actions against someone just because of their race that is called racism. When we see events that are targeted against Jews simply because they are Jewish, that is anti-Semitism; racism towards Jews. These are openly against the Jews. Some actions are not so overt. When the Virginia Bar Association recently made the decision to recant an upcoming trip to the nation of Israel, the message sent was quite clear. CBN reports, “Although the bar’s members number more than 30,000, just 39 people signed it. Yet that was enough to lead to the trip’s cancellation.” If we say that we stand with Israel, but our actions express that we do not, than our intentions are clear. We must take the bold action of allegiance with Israel and the Jewish people in this critical hour. Hear the full story of what is taking place in Brooklyn, how the Virginia Bar Association is responding, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

CBS2 Exclusive: Brooklyn Resident Describes Paintball Attack. Incident Investigated as Possible Hate Crime

Critics: Virginia Bar Emboldening Israel’s Enemies

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