Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Speaks to the United Nation about the Present Christian Holocaust: Remaining Silent is not an Option for those who have made Jesus Lord

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LISTEN NOW! Jonathan Cahn has been a continual voice of encouragement of truth for the Church, the nations, and our generation. He is the author of The Harbinger and also The Mystery of the Shemitah. Cahn recently shared a sobering message while addressing the United Nations and the wave of Christian persecution that is taking place on a Global scale. In light of the reality of Christian persecution that is taking place, Cahn brings to light the realities that occurred to a young woman named “Kitty” Genovese in 1964. Cahn shares that Genovese was brutally attacked with a knife for a half hour. More concerning than these horrifying truths, is the deafening silence of response from the, at least 12, bystanders who heard the attack occurring, but chose to do nothing for differing reasons. “It was cold outside and they were comfortable in the warmth of their apartment”, Cahn shares.

In our present generation, we have access to all types of technology, media, and information that brings Global news and events instantaneously to our eyes and to our attention. As Cahn address the international community, he expresses the importance and significance of this rising concern, “As we gather in the world’s most gathering place of nations, and as kings, and leaders, and ambassadors, and delegates convene here, to discuss world issues, within borders of over 60 of those nations, Christians are being persecuted, by their own governments, by those in whose midst they live.”  With these horrifying realities taking place, he shares details of the brutalization and killing of Christians that are taking place in today’s modern age. Cahn asks the question that cannot be more direct, “So where are all the resolutions? Where are all the troops? Where are all the actions taken to protect the most persecuted people on Earth; and where is the universal outcry?”

For each and every one of us, it is vital for us to come face to face with the reality and truth that the eyes of the Lord are upon us. The actions of our response to these not only matter to the lives being affected by these acts of persecution, but our response, or lack of response, will determine our destiny in eternity. If society expects us to respond when we see a child with signs of abuse, what does the heart of God expect us to do when we are witnessing obvious signs of abuse and persecution against His own body? The question stands; what are we going to do during this time? Hear Jonathan Cahn’s full address, how the Bible shares what Jesus’ response will be to our response, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: United Nations, Persecuted Church, justice, empathy, sin, North Korea, Koran, Concentration Camps, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Coal Mines, Caged Canary, humility, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.


Jonathan Cahn addresses the United Nations: Persecution of Christians
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