The Value of Life Has Diminished while Value of Money Continues to Rise in the Eyes of Some?


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Regardless of what generation we look at, the value of life has not changed; or so it seems.  Dr. Dobson’s book brings a revealing reality as to how this has changed. When we look at today’s generation, it appears that “fatherless” is an applicable word to describe what is being witnessed today. As some express the value of money to be held to a higher standard than the very people to our left or right, decisions are being made that would have never been considered in past generations. Looking through the lens of just one perspective can cause us to miss out on the whole story. When we look at how a present reality affects multiple people’s lives and how those lives can approach the same situation with entirely different values and motives, we begin to see clearly. This is what Dr. Dobson’s, Fatherless reveals. Hear more about this insightful story, how it applies to the generation of today, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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