When Law and Morality Collide; Understanding the Present Day Christian Dilemma in America

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LISTEN NOW! America is a land of laws. There are stop signs that signify for us to stop. A green light allows us to go. Amidst the varying laws in the land of America cause for us to have lawyers. In the awareness of this reality, there are 2 types of laws: the law in the land, and the laws of Morality that come from God. God came down to His Creation and began to speak through His Son Jesus Christ and showed us how we are to live out our lives as Christians. By looking at Matthew 5-7, also known as the Beatitudes, or the Sermon on the Mount, we can have greater clarity as to how we are to walk out our lives in Christ.

There is a tension when we see the reality of this when we seek to live out our lives upon the Earth. By looking at the life of Martin Luther King Jr. we get an understanding. As a Christian, as an African American, and living out his life during a time of great oppression, he walked out a remarkable visualization that can help us walk out with wisdom the days that we are seeing today. Allow these profound truths and revelations to wash over you as you gain wisdom in what is taking place, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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