5 Wonderful Changes Coming to the Emerging Church

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How we presently see the church is not how we are going to experience it in the days ahead. In his book, 20 Elements of Revival, John Burton describes 5 major changes coming to the Church. Charisma News brings this exciting news and what this shift can look like. “Services will become more like prayer meetings”. For some, prayer is a religious event more than a conversation with God, which is what God designed it to be. Why would we not want to spend time dialoging with the One that we love? “Personal need will give way to personal mission.” Instead of individuals seeking what can be received, people will be seeking out the heart of God and His will for the church in today’s age. These truly are exciting days as we see more and more of what God is about to do. Be greatly encouraged as you hear more about the coming changes, shifts, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.



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