Bike Gangs Shootout 9 Dead 170 arrested; was this Violence Prophesied and is there more to come?

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LISTEN NOW! During the weekend hours, what is being described as “the most horrific crime scenes”, KWTX News is reporting how an eruption of violence took place between gangs at a Waco Texas restaurant that resulted in 9 dead and more than 150 suspects . This is an absolute tragedy and our hearts go out to all of those that have been affected.

As we see these events unfold, it is very similar the same words that were prophesied from Rick Joyner as he shared of a night vision that was given to him from the Lord. Joyner shares about the “most horrific gang that was diabolical in nature”, and the detailed events that he was shown of an attack that was carried out against a Texas ranch. The gang that Joyner witnessed in this dream had military equipment and was ranked, according to Joyner, based on their level of cruelty.

In a report from CBN, it is being revealed that ISIS is growing within America. We can turn, we can respond. When we look around at the events taking place in America and the world, it is obvious to see the increasing frequency of events:  ISIS, Garland Texas, Waco Texas, etc. There is a storm being fashioned. The church has the ability to turn this to a standstill. We can repent and turn our hearts to God. We are at a crossroads. Who will we serve? Hear the full story of events taking place, what happened in Waco Texas, what else was Rick Joyner shown? What is on the horizon lest we turn our hearts to God?  And so much more. Also shared in this segment dreams, visions, prophetic word, Radical Islam, Gang, shooting, MorningStar Ministries, watchman, ISIS, Jeh Johnson, social media, and love. Greg and John shared in this segment.


URGENT WARNING- ISIS Coming to America
Gang Shootout at Waco Texas Restaurant

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