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It is the hour that we are living in today that we are facing the critical need for us to know the founding document that our founding fathers created in the establishment of America: The Constitution. In an interview with CBN, author of the book, The Lost Constitution, Senator Mike Lee shares how the present government is operating so far from its original intention and how complete sections of the Constitution are being ignored. He details the reality of the Origination Clause that exists within the Constitution and what its purpose is. According to Lee, if our present representatives would have applied the Origination Clause, we would not have Obama Care in effect today. Lee shares how he has two stacks of papers in his office: one is 11 feet high, the other, only a few inches. The stack that is 11 feet tall is a stack of legally binding documents and regulations passed by executive agencies; the other stack are laws passed by congress. We are not operating within the intentions of the Constitution. Hear the full interview with Senator Mike Lee, the powerful reality of how we can easily understand how to apply the Constitution, and how each citizen can make an impact with this reality, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.


Lost Constitution: Resurrecting America’s Basic Liberties
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