The Amazing life of Samuel Morris: First African Missionary to North America

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A life of powerful encounters with God, exciting testimonies of God’s voice and leading, and miracles amidst trials and tribulations; and these are just a few descriptions of a man who was the first African Missionary to America. Samuel Morris was born in Liberia. After being held in the middle of a rival tribal camp, Morris faced repeated beatings amidst repeated attempts by his father to rescue him. When a bright light and a gentle whisper came to him in the middle of the night, Morris found himself away from his present reality as he was able to escape and finds himself in a Monrovia farm where he gets invited to a Bible study. What was the message being shared during that moment; Saul’s encounter with God on the Road to Damascus. Morris stands up in the middle of the gathering expressing that same reality he just experienced. Immediately, his journey as a disciple of Christ begins. As if it were a sequence of orchestrated events, Morris then boards a ship headed to America to continue his search for this God that he just encountered. Hear more of the profound story that Morris lived out in search of Jesus Christ, how an entire ship is brought to the Good News of Jesus Christ, how even in his death Morris continues to witness, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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