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Nun from Iraq Testifies before Congress on ISIS Persecution of Christians 

The persecution of Christians that is being described as “genocide” throughout the Middle East has been repeatedly shared through the media airwaves in the recent months. It is simple to disconnect from these truths when such realities in someone else’s life are only images on our television screens, phones, and tablets. How different would it be to hear about it from the very voice of one who has encountered and witnessed first-hand the brutality of ISIS? This is exactly the reality for Sister Dianna Momeka.

After initially being refused to enter the United States by having her visa revoked, Sister Momeka has now been allowed entry. Seven days later, her own personal encounters of what is taking place to the Christians in the Middle East was shared before Congress and the board of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The environment around the dialogue of the matter was described as “you could hear a pin drop”. It was a sobering moment.

Glenn Beck and The Blaze, were also part of the process of getting Sister Momeka through the red tape of refusal into the country. In a Blaze interview with Johnny Moore, author of Defying ISIS, Moore additionally shares some of the words that were shared to him. “I am confused about America… where I lived for 6 years…you take care of your pets so well…why don’t you take care of your Christian brothers and sisters?”It is vital for us to grasp what is happening. Sister Momeka was not just speaking before a board of Congress; she was sitting before the eyes and ears of the American people, sitting before the Church as a voice of the plight taking place against Christians in the Middle East. It is for us, as the Church to now respond. Hear the full interview, what else was said before Congress, how people are reacting in the Middle East, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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Pope Chooses side of Israel’s Enemy?

    It was only a few hours ago that gunfire filled the air and 5 gangs clashed together at the Twin Peaks restaurant resulting in 9 dead and 150 injured. While the chaos ensues, punches are thrown, and chains whip the air, can you imagine someone walking solely into the brutality with this statement: I hope that you are an angel of peace? Absolutely not.

Reportedly, since 2005, 11,000 rockets have been shot over the border, into Israel, from the Gaza strip. Eleven thousand rockets shot at the Israelis, those that are Jewish. Open hatred towards the Jews. This is very similar to what Hitler did, he hated the Jews. He hated Christians. CBN is reporting how the Pope has just decided to recognize and embrace Mahmoud Abbas and a Palestinian State. In an interview with Dr. Paul Bonicelli, a Regent University Professor, Bonicelli shares how the Pope has taken sides in regards to Israel. As the church, we cannot embrace the beliefs that are anti-Jesus, and think that it will work out well in the end for those who believe that Jesus is the Christ.

The days of urgency are only increasing more and more. It is for each of us to choose who we will serve, and serve wholeheartedly. Hear more about these critical events, how this compares to the history of Adolf Hitler, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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