Eye Opening Movie: “Not Today” One Young Man’s Encounter in India and a Child Sold into Slavery Changes Everything

screen capture from nottodaythemovie.com

LISTEN NOW! On a trip to India, one young man was headed to another escapade of entertaining, gratifying himself, and parties. He had no idea what he was about to encounter that would change his life forever. When he encounters a father and daughter starving, on the streets of India, he will come face to face with the dark reality that millions are suffering and experiencing: slavery. Its one thing to consider how we would expect another to provide for their children, but it is a different reality when we begin to ponder what we would do if that was our own child. Watch the full trailer and hear more of what was discussed, and so much more. Also talked about: Media Mountain, 7 mountains, India, narcissism, sex slavery, child slavery, human trafficking, Pol Pot, capitalism, humility, the nations, Great Commission, and compassion. Greg and John shared in this segment.


Not Today- Movie Trailer
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