Israel Blessing the WORLD with Water

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LISTEN NOW! Over 2,000 years ago, when Moses led the Israelites, they found themselves in a dry parched land that was mostly a desert. In a revealing series, CBN, brings to light a reality of Israel that some may not be aware of and the reality of how the Israeli people are not only blessed, but how they are being a blessing to the world.

Israel is literally changing the face of the landscape of Israel with entrepreneurial developments like drip irrigation and its pioneering results in desalinization with 450 million cubic meters of drinkable water a day. This may not seem like a significant reality; but when you take into consideration that it comes from salt water, The Mediterranean Sea, it changes the reality of how Israel views salt water and how the Israel people receive their water supply. “With the process of “Seawater Reverse Osmosis”, water can go from the ocean to the faucet in less than 90 minutes.” This is just one of the many ways that Israel is revolutionizing how nations are responding to water needs. In fact, it is developments such as these that are shared and used in over 40 nations worldwide.

Watch and see these profound developments that are taking place in Israel, how fisherman are finding fish in the desert, how African villages are learning from Israel, how Israel is boosting its crop output while reducing its water usage, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Made in Israel, blessings, Abraham Isaac and Jacob, California and repentance.

Made in Israel – Water

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