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LISTEN NOW! Amidst such calamity and negative words that the world is promulgating, we can be greatly encouraged by hearing what the Lord is saying in regards to the days that are upon us. When one man was given a dream, he was shown a red parachute that was flapping violently in the high winds. As his sight shifted from the parachute to the ground, he saw a man holding on with all his might to the straps of the parachute, bracing himself knowing that the parachute was about to catapult him from the safety of the ground to the limitless skies. Another man was seated on the floor of a plane only to propel himself out, skydiving and soaring like Superman through the sky. Suddenly, there were words that brought a new direction, “Everything has changed. This is a new horizon.”
  Allow these words and visualizations to bring you a stunning hope for what is about to come, a resounding wind of the Spirit to move across your life, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: parachute, mountains, skydiving, covenant, Genesis, baby, birthing, born, new horizon, dreams and visions, hope, and The Holy Spirit. John and Greg shared in this segment.

Apostle Isaiah Kadiri shares Prophetic Word from the Lord of the End Time Revival

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