WATCH! Viral Video Young Girl, Miriam, in Jordanian Refugee Camp has taught us so much


LISTEN NOW! or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! When the world learned and witnessed the story of a little girl, Myriam and her story of being forced from her home by ISIS militants, their hearts were captured as Myriam expressed love and forgiveness towards her enemies. Now a year later, CBN has caught up with Myriam and her family to find out how she is doing. Myriam gives the world encouraging words by saying, “In the Bible, Jesus said ‘I am with you’, and also He said, ‘forgive others no matter who is hating you, you have to forgive them’. Jesus IS my Father and He IS my Creator. I have no one else better than Him. When ISIS drove us out of our home, His hand was upon us and HE saved us.”
We can all be challenged by the love and forgiveness that Myriam expresses to her enemies and those that sought to harm her. Her perspective needs to be our perspective. Allow your love to be challenged and your forgiveness increase as you see the love of Christ demonstrated in this little girl, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Myriam, ISIS, love, forgiveness, and mercy. Greg and John shared in this segment.  

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Unafraid of ISIS, Iraqi Girl’s Faith Beyond Viral

Miriam’s Story and Song

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Unafraid of ISIS, Iraqi Girl’s Faith Beyond Viral

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