WATCH! Jason Upton Inteview “The Father’s Signature” and Toby Mac’s New Album, “This is Not a Test”


Age is nothing but a number: You’re Never too Young or too Old to Follow God with ALL Your Heart   

  In 1906, a move of God shook the world that is now known as “The Azusa Street Revival”. What many may not know is that one of the significant characteristics of what God did during this time, was the involvement of young people. There is no baby Holy Spirit. God can touch young people just as powerfully as He can those who are older. When confident 10 year old gripped the microphone and began sharing the words upon his heart, he gripped the very audience that listened to his words. “I stand here before you as a 10 year old child. I stand here before you as an uprising sixth grade student. But most of all I stand here before you as a Christian. I stand here before you as a God-fearing young man…”

He doesn’t stop there. He continues to encourage all of us to do what God has called each of us to do. “God does not care how old you are. You can be 1,2,3,4,5 He just wants the praise.”  As he continues to share the reality of a young shepherd boy named David, he highlighted the secret weapon that David had: God. His message is for all of us. The Gospel is powerful no matter what your age, whether 7 or 70. Allow your faith to be greatly stirred and be encouraged as you hear all of his message, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.  

The Father’s Signature: Interview with Worship Leader and Songwriter Jason Upton

 As an International Worship Leader, Jason Upton has been able to express the Father’s heart during many albums and songs. As Rags to Riches Ministries recently held “The Father’s Signature” in Pensacola, Florida, Jason shares his own journey and what worship is to him. From humble beginnings, Jason was adopted in 1974. His biological mother prayed that he would be a worshiper. Her prayers have come to complete fruition as that is exactly what has transpired in Jason’s life. When he met his wife, she encouraged him to sing the real things that were coming from his heart. It is these very words from his heart that has captured his true audience, the Father’s heart. The ultimate way to the Father’s heart is through Jesus.

Jason shares about worship being an encounter with the Father. On the contrary, ‘entertainment is to detain people from entering. So, what I’m always doing is trying to invite people…’re not inviting people to do more, you’re inviting people to put themselves in a place of receiving what the Father is giving in the moment.’ This is such a profound reality for us to have when we are worshipping God, seeking His heart. Often times, when we speak about “worship” we tend to think about the songs that we sing or the music that we listen to. Jason responds to this by stating, “Jesus didn’t say much about singing to him but he said a lot about following him; when we make the activity of following Jesus, that’s the goal of worship.” Jesus wants more than a song; He wants a life of worship. Everything we do in life, we can do it while focusing on the Father’s heart. Hear the full interview with Jason Upton and more about his responses to worship, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.   

Toby Mac: This is NOT a Test!

 Toby Mac has done it again with his new album release “This is Not a Test”. In an interview with Toby himself, he shares about the many artists and talents that came together in order to make this album a reality. Toby wanted to bring many sounds into this album and bring soul into the sound of it. “This record ‘This is Not a Test’ is still that big-ol-pot of musical gumbo. I want soul, funk, hip-hop, pop and mix it all together”.  With the live mix of past artists, new sounds, and live horns, you’ll be singing each of these songs long after the music stops.

This album not only shares the music beats and rhythmic blend of so many styles, it also carries the story of walking on a journey with the Lord that many of us can relate to relationships with God, amidst our struggles and weaknesses and the goodness of who God is. Get your album today and let each of these songs encourage you, speak to you, and so much more. Greg and John share in this segment.
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