Prophecy: The Correlation between Sin and the Land-4 Things that will affect the Land and the Possible Earthquake New Madrid Fault


Prophesy: The Correlation between Sin and the Land-4 Things that will affect the Land and the Possible Earthquake New Madrid Fault.

It’s no strange thought to acknowledge and admit that the number of natural disasters witnessed across the Earth and America is at unprecedented levels. Never before have we witnessed the tragedies that are currently taking place. The question to ask is, why? Upon asking that question, there is no shortage of people willing to line up and explain it due to the economy or Global Warming. When Pastor John Kilpatrick was interviewed on the Jim Bakker show, he shared a sobering truth.

From the Fall of Man in the Garden, to Cain murdering Abel, to the events that we are witnessing today, Pastor John Kilpatrick shares that there is a direct correlation between sin and the land. As more sin increases in the land, the land will respond accordingly. Pastor Kilpatrick goes into greater details by expressing 4 things that affect the land: 1) Shedding of innocent blood, 2) Idolatry, 3) Immorality, fornication & homosexuality, and 4) Breaking covenant. If we continue on the road that we are on, turning away from God, then God will respond by turning away from us.

As we are presently witnessing negotiating taking place that will greatly affect the outcome regarding Israel, it is also important to note, not only how America is responding to Israel, but also how we are responding to the capital of Israel: Jerusalem. Pastor John Kilpatrick warns us saying, ”If they divide Jerusalem, if America has a hand in causing, if the Secretary of State, President, or whoever, has a hand in causing Israel to divide Jerusalem and giving up that land for peace, I (God) will divide America.” He shares a dream that He was given that showed America being divided along the Mississippi River after its banks was widened so far that the banks could not be seen. He was describing the New Madrid Fault Line. When looking back at the warning that John Paul Jackson gave to America, the symphony truths involving coming natural disasters is the same.

This has not happened yet. We are hearing today and are being empowered with the ability to stop this from coming to pass. What’s bringing this: sin? What will stop it? Repentance. How long will it last? Until we repent. What is the best way to fight these things that are happening? Live a righteous life. Hear the full report of what the Spirit of God is saying to us today, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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John Paul Jackson Perfect Storm Prophetic 2015 Warnings

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