Toby Mac: This is NOT a Test!

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Toby Mac has done it again with his new album release “This is Not a Test”. In an interview with Toby himself, he shares about the many artists and talents that came together in order to make this album a reality. Toby wanted to bring many sounds into this album and bring soul into the sound of it. “This record ‘This is Not a Test’ is still that big-ol-pot of musical gumbo. I want soul, funk, hip-hop, pop and mix it all together”.  With the live mix of past artists, new sounds, and live horns, you’ll be singing each of these songs long after the music stops.

This album not only shares the music beats and rhythmic blend of so many styles, it also carries the story of walking on a journey with the Lord that many of us can relate to relationships with God, amidst our struggles and weaknesses and the goodness of who God is. Get your album today and let each of these songs encourage you, speak to you, and so much more. Greg and John share in this segment. 

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