Awakening Healing on the Gulf Coast Question and Answer


WATCH! Awakening Healing Conference on the Gulf Coast Special Question and Answer Session with Art Thomas and Greg Lancaster part 1
When God carries out multiple miracles and awakens the Body of Christ to the revelation of who they are, rarely are you able to sit down and have the benefit of asking questions about intricate realities that take place in ministry. Well this is exactly what occurred when Greg Lancaster and Art Thomas sat down on the last day of the Conference. Art Thomas has traveled all over America, as well as to parts of Uganda and personally witnessed how the Church is responding to these powerful truths. God is moving; and is about to move in such an unprecedented level, it will be in a way never before witnessed.
As we ponder these realities of the power that God will demonstrate Himself through His body, Art and Greg dialogue about the wisdom that we must remind ourselves. God gives gifts without repentance. If we were not aware of these truths, people can be “mesmerized by themselves being used. They weren’t mesmerized by Christ. They were mesmerized by themselves being used” Greg warns. This is not something we can do on our own. We must stay grounded in relationship with a body of believers who will speak into our lives, regardless of how we may be being used by God in gifts and talents.
Often times, people believe that they have to be perfect in order to be sent out; they have to get right first in order to be sent out by God. When we look at the life and ministry of Jesus, this is not what we see. Art emphasizes how in Luke 9, Jesus sends out the 12 disciples, before the chapter is over the disciples are arguing about who is the greatest. This doesn’t hinder Jesus’ continuation to send out 72 in Luke 10. Art continues to share encouragement to begin to step out in obedience to the Great Commission reminding the Church that Jesus will perfect you along the way. 
After a time of worship, Art shares what the Lord impressed on him by sharing, “…this thing is going to happen on such an ordinary level…people being normal people, but it will be such dynamic fruit. You’re going to see incredible fruit, incredible things happening. People are going to be so normal that the world is going to notice before the church does”. When remembering revivals of history, powerful profiles were used. In this coming move of God, the entire Body of Christ is going to be activated.

These are the very realities and situations that we can all learn and grow from. It is these truths and lessons that can guide us and encourage us to simply step out in boldness and obedience to the Great Commission. Be encouraged as you hear Art and Greg continue to discuss realities about discipleship, spiritual warfare, raising the dead, how to have a healthy life in relationships, how to live our lives with purpose and so much more. Also shared in this segment: dreams, visions, revival, worship, gifts, talents, integrity, eternity, hell, heaven, knowledge, action, demons, spiritual warfare, healing, prayer, discipleship, family, relationship, The Great Commission, compassion and love. John and Steve shared in this segment. 


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