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Interview with Beverly Mayo, a Discussion about Human Trafficking
 The mindset in America and the world today is that those who are in prostitution choose this lifestyle. This is not true. CEO and Founder of Exodus Cry, Benjamin Nolot, exposes these very deceptive mindsets regarding sex slavery and human trafficking. Against their will, one is forced into the life of human trafficking. According to The A21 Campaign, more than 27 million people are enslaved, 1.4 million of those enslaved are sex slaves. “As a girl is brought into this environment, there are very systematized ways that traffickers, that pimps, that brothel owners know how to bring these women and girls under their control; and it begins with a breaking process. It begins with a breaking down of that person’s soul, of that person’s spirit, of that person’s body, of that person’s psyche.” Often times, to an unsuspecting bystander, one thinks that a woman chooses this type of lifestyle. There is a brainwashing that occurs and repeated psychological abuse, physical abuse and repeated raping of a victim.
In today’s culture, slavery is at its highest level. One of the organizations that is focused on combating the realities of sex slavery and human trafficking is Project A-21. They very name means abolishing human trafficking in the 21stcentury. Beverly Mayo continues to heighten the awareness of this evil reality by sharing how intricate the process is of how a specific individual is targeted. It is not random. The average age of those trafficked: 12 years old. Of those that are currently trafficked, only 1-2% are rescued. While only 1 in 100,000 traffickers are ever convicted. It becomes easy to ignore these realities when we perceive that it is not occurring in our city or our nation. But, when we see and hear just a handful of stories, we see just how prevalent these realities affect all of us.
When Natalie was introduced to a man on a blind date, at a coffee shop, she had no idea that she would end up being drugged, thrown into a trunk, taken into a bordering country. “She was raped and beaten repeatedly. Two weeks later, Natalia was sold as a sex slave.” On a more local level, as Beverly Mayo has learned more and more about the heightened awareness of human trafficking, she shares that Interstate 10 is a major gateway to human trafficking. This is happening in our own home towns. It is in America. Beverly continues to share and educate signs to look for and how we can be educated for what to do in those moments.
When Nicole was battling a drug addiction, she met a man who encouraged to begin a new life and “get clean.” What transpired was anything but that. “I was so terrified of this man. If he said ‘jump’, I’d say ‘how high’. He said I had the personality to bring girls home to him. They trusted me because I looked like an ‘All-American White Girl’. He forced me to have two abortions and I had no choice what-so-ever, and that was probably the hardest” Nicole was trafficked across the United States for seven years.  Jennifer was not only trafficked, she was branded by her trafficker. She was tattooed by her trafficker, ‘Salem’, 4 times on her body that was a daily reminder of this evil. Sharing her story with CNN, Jennifer spent 5 years on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. “It happens on every street, in every city, in every country; and it happened to me.” After a brutal raping she decided to kill herself. She had had enough. God spoke to her that He had a plan for her life. Jennifer has since escaped from sex trafficking and now helps others recover from their broken past.

The A-21 Campaign is not only seeking to expose the demonic realities of sex trafficking, they have a ‘4P Model’: Prevention, Protection, Partnerships, and Prosecution”. On October 17, 2015, you can be a part of A21 Walk for Freedom. There are events taking place in countries around the world as well as multiple cities throughout the United States. Find out more about how intricate the realities of sex slavery and human trafficking are in our generation, what we can do to be  educated, as well as bring an end to slavery in the 21 Century, and so much more. John and Beverly shared in this segment.



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