WATCH! George Barna surveyed what the Church in America wants to hear: 91% says Abortion


New Poll Released 12 Issues Christians want their Pastors to Preach About
George Barna, with The Barna Group, recently surveyed Christians asking them what they wanted their pastors to speak about. The results have been released and the statistics may surprise you. Of those who were surveyed, 72% said Islam. It was #12 on the list. What are the core beliefs of Islam? How should the Church respond to Islam; what is its threat to US peace and domestic stability. Media is currently making a great boast of the muslims that are in the world and America. There are only 4 million muslims in America. According to the media, one would think it is a far greater number. At #11, 73% stated that they wanted to know: What is the role of The Church in Government? Did you know that the words “separation of Church and State” is not even in the Constitution? The first amendment was created to keep the government out of the Church, not the Church out of Government. 76% of those surveyed wanted to hear about “Bioethics”. How should the Church respond to “cloning, euthanasia, cryogenics..”Reportedly, “30% of abortions are from professing Christians.”
As the survey continues, 79% of the Church wants to know the “role of Christian faith in American history”. This nation was built upon Judeo-Christian values. David Barton released a powerful DVD series called, The American Heritage Series that brings these very truths to light. 80% want to know what the Church’s role is regarding Israel. Currently, the leadership of America is for the funding the Israel’s enemy, Iran. We will be held accountable for everything we do for Israel and for everything we don’t do for Israel. There is a gender dysphoria that is taking place in our nation and the Church wants to know how to respond. 82% shared they want to know how to respond to sexual identity, same-sex marriage, and transgenderism. These are the very realities and truths that the Church wants to be educated and informed in order to respond with a Biblical view. Each and everyone of us will stand alone before Christ and have to answer for our very own lives. We cannot blame one another for not knowing. We must seek out these truths. Find out what the top subjects were that the Church wants to know about, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: George Barna, America, tax-exempt status, religion, The Constitution, Caliphate, Glenn Beck, repentance, John Piper, The Christian Post, The Inquisition, The Pope, Thomas Jefferson, David Barton, Iran, Israel, Tel-Aviv, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), Japan, racism, homelessness, abortion, persecution, poverty, Gideon, Fox News, relationships, and community. Greg and John shared in this segment. 


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