WATCH! High School student suspended for wearing American Flag t-shirt to school; and The Freedom Experience.


Student Suspended Over wearing American Flag T-Shirt?
 When a student is suspended from school, sent home, or disciplined for actions done while in class, one would think it is because of acting out in class, speaking against the teacher, or maybe even a continued interruption. What about being suspended for wearing a t-shirt that has an American flag on it? For one Texas high school student, this was the very reason he was suspended. We are in dangerous moments when those within America deem the very flag that flies over America as offensive. Watch the full moment of what has taken place and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Texas, ROTC, suspension, liberties, Fox News, and principal. Greg shared in this segment.

Are we Losing our Liberties?
Prager University has recently released a video asking this very timely and thought provoking question, “How did the framers of the Constitution of the United States seek to preserve liberty?” When asking students, according to Prager, their answer has commonly been, “they added the Bill of Rights; they gave the power to enforce those rights to the Supreme Court”. Most would say they are correct. The original inception of the powers given to the three branches of government was established with limitations of powers. Because many do not understand these powers, or their limitations, we have witnessed a gross overstepping of these limitations. “Freedom can be taken away, but can also be given away – out of sheer ignorance.” Be empowered as you see and understand the original ideas that the founding fathers had for our nation, how we have strayed so far from these original ideas, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Prager University, Bill of Rights, Supreme Court, Roe v Wade, Brown v Board of Education, and The Affordable Care Act. Greg and John shared in this segment.

The Freedom Experience: Rediscovering Brave and Courageous Stands for Liberty
 It has been said more than once that anyone who does not know their history is bound to repeat it. Glenn Beck recently spoke at The Freedom Experience and shared an encouraging reminder of the importance of the hour that we are facing today. When we look at the stories of the pilgrims who came to the land that we know as America, the stories of who they were reveal the impact that their lives had.  When the Salem Witch Trials occurred in Massachusetts, the blame gets put on Christians for these horrifying events. What most do not know is that it was also Christians who brought it all to a stop. Because of a few individuals bringing clarification to what actually is in the Word of God, The Bible, it caused the man who began the trials, to beg for forgiveness because he didn’t know his scriptures well enough.
Glenn Beck shares some startling and priceless articles of history that reveal some characters and who they were and what they stood for: The Book of Common Prayers for King George III, King Louie’s Book of Common Prayers, and also an Original Tyndale Bible owned by a Puritan. Some of these very books are difficult to open, because they have never been opened. Some are tattered and worn, dog-eared and highlighted, because of the continual and personal use. What do our scriptures look like? Are we reading our scriptures? Today we have the very technology in our very pockets, according to Beck, that “have more computing power than the computers that NASA had that sent man to the moon”.  Beck continues by asking this critical question: “What are you using that for? Surfing for porn, texting, laughs, Facebook, or changing the world!?” 



Amidst people lamenting that this is a horrible time to be born, Beck encourages this generation with the reminder, “Its time to wake up and stand up”.Be greatly encouraged to recognize the critical hour of opportunity to stand up boldly, and unashamedly in the time and moment that God has created you to live that will bring great glory to God, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Freedom Experience, George Washington’s compass, iPhone, Revolutionary War, Puritans, King George, The Church, testimony, The Smithsonian, The Purple Heart, and The Black Robe Brigade. Greg and John shared in this segment.






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Are we Losing our Liberties?
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