Iran Nuke Deal Almost Certain? Does this Agreement mean America will Defend Iran if Attacked? Is this our Dietrich Bonhoeffer Moment?


LISTEN NOW! Many are aware of the disastrous negotiations that have been taking place between the leadership of America and Iran. This very deal, led by Secretary of State John Kerry, would give empowerment to Iran. As the approaching date arrives for Congress to vote on whether to allow or stop this agreement, CBN is reporting, “Senate Republicans, and four Senate Democrats, oppose the deal. Many of them argue it gives Iran too much freedom to pursue its nuclear agenda, increasing the chances for war in the future. They were hoping to pass a measure this week opposing the deal, but it now looks uncertain whether the Senate will get to vote at all.” The voices being raised against this are loud, plainly heard for all who have ears. As clear as the warnings are, it appears that many are continuing to go in the direction being warned against. These are the very same realities and moments that Dietrich Bonhoeffer experienced when he continuously warned the nation of Germany, and the Church, against a man rising to power, Adolf Hitler. Is this our Dietrich Bonhoeffer moment?
Bonhoeffer spent considerable time walking with those who were not listening to him in hopes that they would. He desired to fight in the military of Germany but struggled with the reality that he could not fight in the ranks of the military that was against Israel and the Jews. The realities that we are facing in 2015, in America, is just like Bonhoeffer? We cannot fight against Israel. We cannot position ourselves in a place to be fighting against the Jews.
Governments around the world are being organized against the Jews and Christians. When we are witnessing Christians beheaded for their refusal to deny Christ; when we are seeing Jews persecuted, and Christians ran out of their homes, we must see them as ourselves. This is the Church. We should be feeling their pain. We need Dietrichs to rise up in this moment of time.
The war that was witnessed in Israel just moments ago is a fore shadow of possibilities in America, if we do not wake up. When Hamas constructed tunnel after tunnel on the borders of Israel, allowing Islamic terrorists to spring up within cities, this is a valid and realistic reminder of the possible vulnerabilities that America faces. As a 40 year Veteran, who has experienced 8 Israeli wars, Dan Gordon writes in his book, Day of the Dead, what could transpire in America. In an interview with CBN, Gordon expresses how real these threats are, “…there are terrorist attack tunnels that exist already. They’re called ‘drug smuggling tunnels’ and they run from parts of Mexico to California to Arizona, and to Texas.” CBN continues to express, “A former FBI agent warned recently that, ‘those tunnels could be used as an underground highway for ISIS.” Continuing the reality of this warning and the magnitude of this threat, Gordon continues by stating, “Half of the Pacific Fleet is at anchor in San Diego.”

We do not have to be fearful or full of anxiety in the reality of these warnings. These are the imminent threats and reality of a nation that has turned against the ways of God. Watch the full stories of what is taking place, how you can respond, and so much more.  Also shared in this segment: President Obama, Iran, Democrats, Republicans, Senate, Terrorism, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Adolf Hitler, deception, suffrage, poor, persecution, beheading, refugees, Operation Protective Edge, Hamas, tunnels, IDF, San Diego, and crisis. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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