It’s All CONVERGING – Senator Warns that We Must Read the Entire Iran Nuke Agreement, Pope Going to United Nations possible Palestinian State?

LISTEN NOW! Much has been said about the pending deal with Iran and the Nuclear Agreement. As we are hours away from Congress supporting this deal, a Senator from Oklahoma, James Lankford, shares his thoughts with a resounding voice of truth and reason against this deal. He recounts the lack of change in Iran’s behavior, actions and decisions; while reminding the world, “This administration is determined to make an aggressive nuclear deal to change the status quo on our sanctions on Iran.”You would think, considering an agreement of such importance and implications, everyone in a leadership role would have been provided a copy to thoroughly read and understand this agreement. Senator Lankford reveals, “Why don’t we actually have the opportunity to read the agreement?” He continues with the staggering reality that many may not be aware of: “No one in this chamber has seen all aspects of this agreement. No one in the house has seen all aspects of the agreement. It’s not that we won’t read it; we can’t read it because the Administration, even they have said that they have not read the entire agreement…I’m astounded that this body is OK with signing off on an agreement that absolutely no one has read the entire agreement”. Senator Lankford brings a staggering comparison that all of us would understand.
As Senator Lankford recounts some of the recent statements made by the Administration regarding no other options to this deal, he expresses some of his own possible proposals. “We have on sight inspections that would actually allow Americans on the inspection teams…We don’t lift the ban on missile testing and research on Iran which allows Iran to start missile testing and R & D again on ballistic missiles…Iran turns over their previous military dimensions of their nuclear program… We don’t agree to defend Iran in case in some future time they’re attacked in their nuclear facilities by Israel….” These are absolute valid points.
This should be no surprise to see such events and actions taking place. This has been an unfolding plan that we have seen take shape from the very beginning of this Administration, stretching as far back as the Democratic National Convention, the world witnessed the audience BOO the decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. During this same convention, it was the Russian Naval Fleet projected on massive screens behind all of those that were in support of this president. We are witnessing the world being organized.
At the same time of these realities, the Pope is about to meet with the United Nations. This is the very organization that has repeatedly voted against Israel on every resolution against Israel. The Pope has walked in support of an agreement with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas. A Palestinian State means dividing up Israel. This is an eerie reminder of when Adolf Hitler was against Israel as well and the Pope of that day shook hands with Hitler.
The importance and vitality of this deal needs to be understood. Israel has the right to defend itself. If this deal is signed, Israel cannot defend itself. In one brief video The Jerusalem Center reveals the key areas that Israel must have in order to defend itself: 1) The Jordan Rift Valley, 2) The Mountain Ridge, 3) Unified Airspace Control, and 4) Transportation Arteries. In March of 2013, President Obama addressed an audience in Jerusalem, Israel. Of all the kind matters he addressed, he emphasized that matters needed to be directed and decided through the United Nations. Why would he say that? If you knew the outcome of every matter addressed in the United Nations regarding Israel have turned out against Israel, you start to wonder why someone is emphasizing the need for the United Nations to be a vital role in deciding matters regarding Israel.


We are witnessing the unfolding of major critical events that will affect the entire world. Regardless of how this happens, reality is not about this life, but eternity. With only a world view, we do not have the whole story. When we take into consideration eternity, we can make better decisions that will echo in eternity. With the upcoming release of 90 Minutes in Heaven, we get a visual presentation of what is in store for those who are in Christ. It is time to stand up for the Light. It is time to stand up for Israel and the Jews. Also shared in this segment: Iranian Nuclear Agreement, Secretary of State John Kerry, Mahmoud Abbas, United Nations, Adolf Hitler, 70thAnniversary, Pope, Exo-Vaticana, The Malachi Prophecy, racism, Zionism, 1967 indefensible borders, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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