WATCH! “One Bad Moment”- sons try to kill their parents, has the judgment of God come to us?


Mark Biltz – From Roshashannah to Yom Kippur Gates are opened and Closed Representing a time Heaven’s Court is in Session
 In every court hearing, after all the evidence is laid out for all the court to see, when all the interrogation, all the speaking of witnesses has been played out, there comes a time when the judge makes the judgment known. There comes a time when the sentence is served. The pleas are over. According to Mark Biltz, “Rosh Hashanah means the opening of the gates and Yom Kippur marks the closing of the gates.” As of this moment, Yom Kippur has already come and gone. With all of the recent evidence and events made known to the American public, 2/3 of Americans still want to fund Planned Parenthood.
Jon Jones recently shared a prophetic word stating that America is going to receive blows, when able to receive and recover in the past, will not be able to sustain or recover in the future. Jones gives the analogy of a boxer that inevitably succumbs to the repeated blows, “In the first rounds of most boxing matches, the blows delivered by each fighter are absorbed. However, eventually a blow comes that, because of the previous blows, will cause a fighter to fall to the mat.” In another vision, Jones shares about seeing a long hallway full of doors and each door represented a month of the year, beginning with September of 2015. What he saw when he opened the door, he shares in his own words, “When I opened the door, I was able to get a picture of what life was like during that time for people in the U.S.”. He continues to share about what he saw through the door that represented January 2016, “I saw extreme violence and killing that looked like war. I could not tell where this was taking place, but I saw U.S. soldiers fighting.”
These are the very realities that are the consequences to the actions and decisions that have taken place in America. Be informed of what is taking place, how you can be prepared in order to suitably respond and prepare, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Mark Biltz, The Jim Bakker Show, judgment, Sodom and Gomorrah, tribulation, China, Russia, and Cuba. Greg and John shared in this segment.
Parents Drugged and Beaten and almost Murdered by their own sons: One Bad Moment?
 Dr. James Dobson released a book that reveals a startling reality to the events that we are experiencing today. In his book Fatherless, it chronicles the journey of one man dialoguing with his mother to sign the very documents that would provide him the finances to attend school. What initially appears to be a safe and cozy nursing home is in actuality the admittance into an environment that will result in her death. Tied into this plot is the CEO of a drug company and the political characters involved with the actions of this company. The very drug being developed is the very drug being used in the facilities that would bring the life of this mother to an end. It’s an evil thought when children do not value the lives of their parents.
Good Morning America recently interviewed Yvonne and Zachary Ervine about the brutal actions received by their two sons. After listening to a chilling 911 call, listeners hear the shocking truths that their sons drugged them, stabbed their father and were attempting to murder them. If it weren’t for this phone call and the quick response by authorities, the attempts of the sons, may have come to pass. Yvonne and Zachary are describing this as “one bad moment”. Is it really a shocking reality to see the youth in America today attempting to kill their parents, when 60 years ago, it was the parents of the 1970’s that decided to legalize the killing of their children with the decision of Roe v Wade? If we do not defend the life of the unborn children, we cannot be surprised when the same spirit of murder and death is seeking to end the lives of their parents. If we do not value the lives of our children, our children will not value the lives of their parents. It is just that simple.


Regardless of who does it to whom, murder is a sin. We must repent for the murder in the land. We must repent for the innocent bloodshed in the land. God can forgive us. He will forgive us IF we acknowledge it as sin and repent for it. Watch and see the full report of what is taking place, how we must acknowledge the sin that is in our land, we must repent for it, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Good Morning America, shotguns, Xanax, abortion, Roe V Wade, murder, repentance, and forgiveness. Greg and John shared in this segment.



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