War Room Moving #1 at the Box Office!

LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! After much excitement and anticipation, the newest Christian movie has been released and is now in theaters. When War Room was released last week, it was 2nd in the box office. Now in its 2ndweek, it has climbed to number one in the box office. War Room started with humble beginnings with a budget of merely $3 million. By Hollywood standards, this is small. But, small is anything but the realities of what has transpired. With its most recent stats, War Room has grossed nearly $25 million.

A film that depicts a struggling marriage that through the power of prayer in Jesus Christ the marriage is restored. This is a movie that the whole family will enjoy. Watch the trailer and behind the scenes commentary about the making of the film, conversations with the Kendrick brothers, and so much more. John and Steve shared in this segment. 

screen capture from youtube.com/WarRoomMovie


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