10 Distinct Misconceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

LISTEN NOW! Many are the conversations regarding the events and history of Israel. Of what is being said, what is the truth? In this present day, the urgency and events taking place within Israel have not lessened. Considering many of the recent headlines regarding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, there are a few myths that are being disseminated. In a recent video, Calev Myers dispels the top 10 of these myths.
It has been said that “the surrounding Arab nations actually want to create a Palestinian State”. Not true. Myers rejects this bold face lie with a simple explanation of simple history. “After the war (of 1948) the West Bank and Gaza were controlled by Jordan and Egypt, for 19 YEARS. During that span, those governments never established a Palestinian State.”  Without the awareness and acknowledgement of clear history we place ourselves in positions to be quickly misinformed.
Another lie being beaconed throughout humanity is that ‘the formation of a state is the primary goal of top Palestinian leaders’. The international aid that was given to Palestinians, in response to the refugee crisis, which toppled over ’25 times what was given, per person, what Europe was given after World War II’, didn’t not end up in the hands of needing refugees; but instead, was given to Yasser Arafat that resulted in “investments of over $1 Billion dollars.” Why wasn’t this funding used to establish a free state?
Continually, it has also been stated that Israel has a peace partner. More lies. When Israeli elected official, Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel, offered a peace agreement to Yasser Arafat. Myers continues, “Barak offered Yasser Arafat 94% of the land that he demanded, except Jerusalem. Arafat flatly refused. President Clinton blamed the failure of the best chance at peace in 60 years, squarely on Yasser Arafat.”


When you begin to understand that there is a narrative that is being pushed and promulgated against Israel on every front, platform, and curve imaginable, one begins to understand why such lies are publicized and spread so easily. Why is the leadership of America now involved in this pushing effort? Looking at Islamic history causes more concerned heads to turn. You won’t believe what Mohammed reportedly rode when he brought Islam from Mecca to Jerusalem. Find out the important truths to dispel these common myths and begin to understand why Jerusalem matters so much to this present age, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Palestinian State, United Nations, deception, Islam, Jordan, Egypt, Homeland Security, Supreme Court, DNC, and Gaza Strip. Greg and John shared in this segment.  
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