Interview with David Daleiden: President of Medical Progress: Over 300 Hours of Undercover Investigated Videos of Planned Parenthood

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LISTEN NOW! The values of America are being tested, and the moral decisions that are being made are being exposed.  In the late evening hours of Monday night, at 10:30pm, the Ten Commandments were removed from the Capitol of Oklahoma. This is happening right at the very moment that we had the opportunity to remove the realities of Planned Parenthood that was exposed. The investigative journalism behind these videos from The Center for Medical Progress is headed by David Daleiden. The Blaze recently sat down with Daleiden and had a powerful and revealing dialogue with him.

According to CMP’s website, 7 videos total have been released. This has been a thorough and exhaustive progress in order to complete these videos. According to Daleiden, “close to 300 hours” of footage has been taken; even more shocking, as Daleiden shares, “we’ve only released about 20 hours”. The project has taken over 2 1/2 years to compile all of the footage, and according to Daleiden, may take just as long to release the whole story.

Daleiden expresses some of the encounters he has experienced during this journey and what it has been like to personally view such evil. As he describes one particular encounter, it sends chills of the cold reality of the evil that is taking place. Beck emphasizes with how Daleiden’s life must have changed through this process and how it has personally affected him. The team that has comprised this footage and walked out this journey, is made up of 5-10 people. With a budget just short of $120,000, Daleiden describes it as a “shoe-string budget”.

In a response to Beck’s question, further asking about Daleiden’s reaction to the response of the videos, Daleiden comments about the public, the public response, the servant response, and the Pope’s response. When Daleiden and his team began to release the videos, he was actually quite surprised by the reaction. “I always thought that these videos and the revelations about Planned Parenthood’s baby parts harvesting would be really big news, but I never thought or anticipated or expected that ‘10 presidential candidates commenting about it in the first 24 hours’ big”. When the outcry has primarily been about defunding Planned Parenthood, Daleiden describes that response as simply “small potatoes”.  He continues with the concerned about the appearance of many focusing solely on the sale of body parts and not the abortions themselves.

This is the type of investigative journalism that exposes these truths to the public eye. If you are viewing and reading this, it highlights that you are concerned about the truth and wanting others to know the truth as well. It’s an important reality to notate, that Daleiden is 23 years old. All of us can respond as he did. With the technology that is capable to each of us, we all have the opportunity to react as he did. Watch the full interview to see more of what Daleiden discussed, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Glenn Beck, The Blaze, After Tiller Documentary, Oklahoma, Center for Medical Progress, Human Capital, Nancy Pelosi, Pope Francis, Stem Express, Stem Express, Southwestern Women’s Options, ISIS, security, investigative journalism, and VFNInternship. Greg shared in this segment.

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