WATCH! Muslim Converts to Christianity in Sweden; and Prophetic Word Regarding Secretary of State John Kerry


Muslim Converts to Christianity in Sweden fighting against Deportation; and Prophetic Word about Secretary of State John Kerry, Does it end badly for Jews and Christians?

 Monumental events are taking place more and more in the Globe. The world watched as thousands upon thousands of people have vacated the Middle East and Northern Africa seeking refuge in neighboring countries. One of these individuals was a man from Pakistan, Faisal Javaid. A Muslim when he started his journey. After arriving in Sweden, he became a Christian when he met a Christian woman named, Ecca. Faisal is facing deportation from Sweden now. With thousands of Muslims seeking safety in Sweden, there appears to be a double standard for Christians.
According to CBN, “Muslims are now considering him to be an apostate.” Because of Faisal’s decision to leave Islam and accept Jesus Christ, his family now want to kill him and his family. From the governmental response of Sweden, Faisal has to prove that he is an authentic believer in Christ. The only problem with that now, his relationship with Christ is being based on religious standards. “Swedish migration officials have trouble distinguishing between relationship and religion”

It is absolutely tragic what is taking place in the lives of those who choose to give their life to Jesus Christ. In a recent State Department study, “80% of persecution in the World is against Christians.”  It is beautiful when those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord come into America, it gives us the opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Jesus came to set us free from the standards of religion. Relationship cannot be defined by the basis of religion.
The persecution that is being promulgated throughout the world is steadily increasing; and it is focusing more and more upon Christians. A night vision form the Lord was previously shared about when John Kerry became the Secretary of State in America, it would cause Christians to be placed in the lower level of culture. It was through the very words of Secretary of State John Kerry, himself, that Israel was threatened with a Third Intifada. When speaking to Israeli journalists, Kerry boasted, “Does Israel want a Third Intifada?” Intifada means uprising. This is the very events that are taking place in Israel, RIGHT NOW!
While this intifada uprising is taking place in Israel, Secretary of State John Kerry is reportedly traveling to the Middle East to meet with Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas; who is not only condoning the actions of the uprising against Israel, but encouraging it. According to reports, the United Nations wants to internationalize Jerusalem. That is like the United Nations trying to internationalize the city of Washington D.C., the capital of America. Joel 3:2 expresses how God will respond to these events, “I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel.” It matters what we do to Israel; and it matters what we don’t do to Israel. Be empowered and informed about what is taking place in your generation, what to do about it, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Sweden, Pakistan, Georgia, asylum, refugee, persecution, beheading, CBN, Secretary of State John Kerry, white horse, Islam, mecca, medina, Jerusalem, Barack Obama, revelation, Palestinian Authority, and wisdom. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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