Education in the United States: Past, Present and Future- Critical Thinking verse Learning?

LISTEN NOW! Often times, when we are taught something, we rarely question the topics that are being presented, the source that is presenting this information, or the validity of what is being shared. Education has been turned into simply receiving information and memorizing it. Is there a difference between thinking and learning? When Glenn Beck sat down with David Barton, this is exactly what they discussed. As Barton shares, kids as young as 13 to 15 years old were once taught Forensics, “the study or art of argumentation”. Students were once taught the art of critical thinking and how to gather thoughts as a way to present an opinion or perspective of a particular subject matter.
Sometimes, we think that things have always been the way that they are. This is not the case, especially in regards to our educational system. Students were once “catechized”; how to ask questions about a particular topic. When these questions can be answered, then a specific subject can be mastered. Because we no longer teach these methods, we accept the options that are presented to us and do not think critically.
President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Everett Piper, joined the dialogue bringing a beautiful perspective of how we can restore education, and how education is carried out. “We need to reclaim the high ground of what education is for. Education is not about information. Education is about integrity. It’s not about a career; it’s about character.” Beck shares from his own experiences and how our educational system has no longer taught students how to think, but what to think.

Today, some students accept to simply “get by”. We must decide to take the proactive role to seeking out the truth in the matters that we encounter. Learning doesn’t stop when we finish school. Watch the full interview and be greatly encouraged as you hear how you can change how you approach information, how to change from learning to thinking, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: catechize, Glenn Beck, Yale, reading comprehension, Judeo-Christian nation, The Torah, progressivism, degrees, diplomas, and DC Comics. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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